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Directed by Bobby and Ben

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Earlier this year, Rainhouse was approached by The Home Depot and The Richards Group to make a short promotional documentary for its non profit, The Home Depot Foundation. The organization seeks out Veterans around the country and donates millions of hours, tools and supplies to community service projects. From building wheelchair ramps for disabled vets to refurbishing a wounded warrior’s home, their associates work with local nonprofits to improve the homes and lives of thousands of deserving families.

We collaborated with the foundation to create a short documentary highlighting how they have changed the lives of 4 veterans and their families. 

With the help of honorary Rainhousers Greg BalkinCody Peterson, and Elliott Balsley, we filmed with four veterans and their families over 3 days in Arizona and California.

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Samsung Presents: Ellie Goulding: Healthy Eating on Tour.

Follow Ellie Goulding as she explores healthy eating while on tour in Toronto. Email for password


One for you. One for me. This 90 sec spot for Yoobi tells the story of Usher delivering cool school supplies to inner city kids in LA.

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This short super 8mm film follows the few Ugandan skaters around for a day exploring Kampala.

Password: tujende